Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Just a few of my favorite things || January Wrap-up

Hey there, and welcome to my first January Wrap-up! 
Recapping a bit about my goals for January, some of my favorite things I've discovered (or rediscovered!) and some recipes I have been trying out.  Some healthy... some not so healthy :) 

Lets start with a bit about what I have been up to this month! January was a bit of a shock - moving from the business of Christmas and finishing up my 2014 photo season, I felt a little at loose ends :) but, a blessing throughout that time of slowness was extra time to work on some projects that have been on my mind, and a reminder that I needed to be intentional about my time and usage of it in order not to waste my time. 

January included some wedding fun as I started my 2015 season off. My friend Laura came with me as a second shooter, and we had a blast chatting the day away, and capturing a gorgeous wedding. Plus, the hickory park catering and peach cobbler afterwards didn't hurt ;)

Journaling :) I've journaled off and on throughout the last few years but have been taking it up again recently. Journaling verses is such a neat way to focus on scripture and and meditate on it as you are writing! I've never considered myself much of an artist, although my mom is pretty talented in that area - however I've discovered a recent love of fonts! Which, brings me to...

Canvases! My mom started us on this over Christmas - she purchased some on sale at Michael's and created one for our family white elephant that turned out SO incredible! We all got started on it, and this is one I created for my sweet clients, the Willsons :)

Babysitting one of my favorite little guys :) 

Lazy mornings at home with my husband. Plus, Rhodes Cinnamon rolls make Saturday breakfast easy :) 

Going on treasure hunts with my FAVORITE guy. :)
Porch Light Antiques  is one of the most fun places to shop! I seriously want

During the super warm weather we had in January, Geoff and I and two of our good friends (Johnny and Melissa) went to Saylorville and had a blast building a fire in the middle of winter, grilling out, making hot cocoa over a fire, and creatively lighting our campout :)

Just a few of my favorite things: 
I discovered the SheReadsTruth app a little while before Christmas 
--->> it is SO helpful! The devotions are easy to work into your day, and are thoughtful and convicting. I'm currently doing the Read through the Bible in a Year study, and am loving it. I'm starting the Lent study soon, and I am so excited to be focusing on the approach of Easter. I highly recommend it if you haven't checked it out! 

Scenic Route Bakery  is a new face in the East Village - it opened over Christmas, and I started seeing posts about it in my Instagram feed, and couldn't wait to go! I finally got a chance to stop by 

This place is SO cute and fun, you won't regret checking it out! 

 Coffee runs with my sisters :) 

 Movie dates with my cousin Macy :) Jeff and Kris (her parents) treated us to dinner and a movie with Macy, and we had a blast! I love that my cousins live close enough to do fun things like this with them! 

1) A few of my favorite recipes from this month! I have really loved cooking more for Geoff, and even though I don't have my own kitchen... (yet. soon. soon I hope!) I still love cooking! 
I made this olive garden soup a few days after we had lunch there, and I was shocked at how easy it was and how good it was! 
This is the recipe I used: 

2) Chocolate pecan pie bars! I LOVE chocolate pecan pie (like love, a lot) but I only get it once a year at thanksgiving, so I decided to find an easier way! My only change was to lesson the cooking time to make sure they didn't get too crunchy :)

3)I have recently discovered the Pioneer Woman's blog and I LOVE HER STUFF! This is a recipe I have made several times and I think it gets better every time. I don't use peppers, and instead used green beans and frozen peas, and sometimes corn. (shh... don't tell my husband, but I also made it with ground turkey. Healthier, and cheaper!) 

4) Geoff's mom bought us a mini-cast iron skillet for Christmas, and I've loved getting to use it! We love going to Chilis and getting their skillet cookie and brownie, so i've found a few recipes that I can cut into a 4th or 8th and make just enough for us. Plus, I fool myself into thinking that its practically healthy... 
Find my new favorite recipe here: 

Love, Rachel 

Braylon + Megan || Minnehaha MN Wedding || June Wedding

Braylon + Megan 
Minnesota Wedding Day

Rachel Nerison || Midwest Wedding Photographer

Megan is one of my dearest friend's little sisters. She's one of 5 girls, and a sweeter bunch of sisters you would be hard pressed to find! In high school we were often at their house, and suddenly in the strange way that time passes, Megan wasn't a little girl running around in the backyard anymore, but a sweet young woman heading off to collage. I had heard she'd met a boy at school, and when I got an email asking if I would consider being their wedding photographer i was beyond honored. 
Megan and Braylon were wed in the sweetest ceremony, surrounded by family, friends and all the little handmade touches that lend so much creativity and love to a wedding gathering. 
Enjoy a glimpse of their day!

What a sweet first look!

Those happy smiles!

Isn't Megan just so beautiful? Her simple, classy style was perfectly highlighted in the wedding!

What a beautiful group of sisters!

"It's so good to be with you Cause we've got an easy kind of love The kind that makes you say At the end of the day It's more than I deserve It kinda makes you cry When you look back on your life and think Oh, God is good, more than I deserve A song and with a gentle voice Long dark hair and a beautiful smile Caught my eye The only one that I dream of You will always have my love In this life, Oh, I'm your iron Sharpened in time It's so good to be with you"